Reach everyone

The widest audience you can reach

Cloud Computing

Take advantage of the WEB

Security, scalabilty and performance


Keep it simple

Simple, powerful and well documented API

With the RESTful API introduction for Kite One, you now can develop the right solutions for your customers.

RESTful API’s modern comunication architecture allows the implementation of new features in already-existing applications, making possible a wide range of advanced functionalities implementation. The alignment with a global comunication standard promotes Kite One’s integrability with many development environments, operating systems and devices.

Complete management of the sale process, up to the order creation

A possible use case scenario of Kite One’s capabilities is it’s implementation in a e-commerce platform. Thanks to the configurator’s power, you can manage goods for sale, from the customer selection of the item’s variants to the price generation for every single combination.

Kite One’s integration with SAP means the new generated order (either by a customer or an agent) gets passed to SAP Business One, creating an automation process bound to give you a competitive advantage, simplifying the information tranfer between every node.