Kite three is a 3D application capable of handling a product configuration easily and intuitively. Everything happens via interaction with 3D elements, displayed in a browser, mobile devices (iOS/Android) or new generation goggles, such as those for Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality.
Experience a new way of configuration.

Kite Three is based on a new generation rendering engine, and offers a realistic rappresentation of 3D models thanks to PDR (Physical Based Renderer) technologies. The high fidelity in surface/material reproduction allows for a great simulation of the final product.

The configuration happens via the API provided by Kite One, and every user choice is handled by the rules set in Kite One Management Console. The configuration engine can be paired with many e-commerce platforms, such as Magento, allowing the creation of the Sales order directly by the end user. The extension to e-commerce platforms, combined with the ERP capabitity of Kite One really provides an acceleration to the Sales process.

The embracing of modern 3D rendering and communication technologies allows for a very broad range of devices support, promoting a great user experience even on mobile devices.