B2B and B2C Modules

Access the power of Kite One everywhere

Discover how to easily expose Kite functions to your customers,  branches and business partners

A web portal with Kite One engine

B2B and B2C modules extend the scope of Kite One and allow the customers to reach the Company from every place.

Responsive interface to properly display your contents on virtually every device

At your desk or during your business travel, you’ll always be able to access the highly customizable items of your Company and insert new quotations or orders with powerful search engines, classifications and filters managed by Kite One.


Restful web services API guarantees the integration with the other applications.

The API consists of web services related to CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations on any entity.

So every application in the ecosystem of the company can easily integrate with Kite One B2B and B2C modules.

Highly customizable templates, every company can build its own “look and feel”

In addition to standard Kite One templates, new templates can be created and installed very fast