Kite One Configurator demo – PART #1 (the sales process)

How to create quotations or sales orders starting from a unique customizable item.
The second part of the video contains a 3D graphical customization of a sample item.

Kite One Configurator demo – PART #2 (the rules definition)

How to use Kite One Management Console to define the variables, the items codes generation rules and the dynamic Bill Of Materials with neuter components.

Kite One Configurator demo – PART #3 (the integration)

Kite One is a solution integrated with SAP Business One, the video contains the explanation of the main features of such integration that has been certified by SAP.

Kite One Configurator for SAP Business One UI

How to customize items inside SAP Business One user interface.

Kite One Configurator (presentazione in italiano)
Kite One Configurator (english presentation)
Kite One utilities (english presentation)